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According to the ” Regulation On The Safety Of Medicines” published in the Official Gazette on April 15, 2014, the pharmacovigilance obligations of the pharmaceutical companies which have a license or are on the license application have increased. DeltaPV undertakes all pharmacovigilance operations of the pharmaceutical companies in accordance with the Guidance on Good Pharmacovigilance Practices.

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Reporting of suspected adverse reactions and side effects.

After a medicinal product is licensed, reporting of suspected adverse reactions has great importance. If any side effect which is present or absent in the patient information leaflet occurs, please contact your doctor, pharmacist or nurse. Reporting of the adverse reactions allows the continuous monitoring of the medicinal product’s benefit/risk ratio. Health professionals are obliged to report any suspected adverse reactions to Turkish Pharmacovigilance Centre (TUFAM). (www.titck.gov.tr; e- mail: tufam@titck.gov.tr; tel: 0 800 314 00 08; fax: 0 312 218 35 99).

Notify any side effects to Turkish Pharmacovigilance Centre (TUFAM) by clicking the “İlaç Yan Etki Bildirimi” icon on www.titck.gov.tr; website, by sending an email to tufam@titck.gov.tr or by calling 0 800 314 00 08 side effect reporting line. Reporting any side effects experienced allows more information to be gathered about the drug in use.